harish kumar babry


27+ Years in ENGINEERING




Telecom Visionary and Expert in Railways, Oil & Gas. Notable Successes in System Deployments. Passionate about AI, Web App Development, and Blockchain Integration. Ready to Make a Lasting Impact. Let's Connect for a Transformative Collaboration.

Telecommunication Engineer

Innovative thinking is required in challenging and demanding projects to achieve the best possible delivery.

A genuine passion for engineering, aligned with the project’s vision, is vital.

Empowering individuals through motivated and inspired engineering team leadership ensures they fulfil their potential and contribute to successful and timely project delivery.

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With 38 projects and thousands of engineering work hours, I have gained valuable knowledge.

Harish Kumar Babry is an experienced project manager with a background in railway and oil & gas industries. He has a passion for technology and a desire to learn and grow in the fields of AI, networking, and blockchain. He brings strong managerial and people skills to drive successful outcomes in remote work environments.

My Current Experience

I work for Petrofac, a well-respected and established company that operates within the ever-evolving and crucial realm of Oil & Gas.

Hill International

TCS Manager

I worked as a manager at TCS, specializing in Project Management Consultancy Services for the Cairo Monorail.


NK Consortium

Chief Telecom Engineer

I worked as Chief Engineer for Telecom at a Project Management Consultancy Services company.


my Skills

With over 27 years of experience in managing end-to-end EPC projects and spending thousands of working hours, I have acquired a diverse set of skills that cover a wide range of capacities. My track record includes successful project planning, program management, design management, procurement management, and engineering across a variety of projects with a total constructed value of over $30 billion.

  • Project Management
  • Design management
  • Engineering

Oil and Gas

  • Front End Engineering
  • Detailed Design / Interface Management / Construction Support
  • Proposal / Tender / Bids
  • Technical Solution development
  • Project Management


  • Design Management
  • Contract
  • Detail Design / Procurement / Vendor Management
  • Review, Approval, Monitoring and Control
  • System Installation / Configuration / Commissioning


  • Network Operation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Network / Equipment Installation/configuration
  • VSAT Network, VSAT Hub Operation
  • Network design

My extensive experience working with numerous organizations and individuals has given me invaluable knowledge and expertise.

From 2020

Cairo Monorail Project

Currently under construction in Cairo, Egypt, the Cairo Monorail is a rapid transit system consisting of two lines. Once completed, it will be the most extended driverless monorail system globally.

Cairo Monorail
From 2018

wdfc project

Construction of Double Line Electrified Railway Track with S&T system and related infrastructure for Rewari – Vadodara section of Phase 1 of the WDFC

From 2013

UPper zakum project

Island Surface Facilities worth $3.7 Billion for Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), UAE

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