Legacy technologies provide limited bandwidth scalability because the technology dictates the bandwidth.

Layer 1: TDM technologies that delivers private line services include:

  • T1/E1 and T3/E3 – copper circuits, and
  • SONET/SDH – based on fiber optics network.

Layer 2: Technologies delivering data services over the Layer 1 TDM:

  • Frame Relay,
  • ATM and
  • PPP.

Limited bandwidth has no scalability. With legacy technologies, often requires a technology change, causing service disruption and longer time to revenue. Hence increase Capex and Opex.

Carrier Ethernet removes the limitation of bandwidth inflexibility from legacy technologies by simply adjusting Ethernet Port speed bandwidth can be added or removed.

Carrier Ethernet provides flexible bandwidth increments and the ability to add new services using one technology. Hence reduce Capex and Opex.